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Probationary members will attend Firefighter-1 at one of the county fire academies which is about 150 hours. After a members probationary period is completed they will attend Firefighter-2 which is an additional 100 hours.

All members of the department are required to meet a minimum level of training standards annually. This includes topics such as Right to Know-Haz. Comm. Training, Blood borne pathogens, Hazardous Material refresher, SCBA refresher and many others. In addition to those topics, which are required by law, all member's also conduct drills throughout the month and includes topics such as ladders, hose, extinguishers, carbon monoxide emergencies, gas & electric emergencies and many others.

Further, since some of the departmentís members are also NJ certified emergency medical technicians, they are required to complete 48 hours worth of continuing education units (ceu) over a three year period.

There are also about 5 NJ State certified fire inspectors and fire instructors they too are mandated by law to take classes on a three year cycle. Those ceu classes are necessary to maintain their inspectorís and instructor's license.

Lastly, there are many specialized classes that the department participates in regularly, either by ourselves, or jointly with our mutual aid fire departments. Such as Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Vehicle Rescue, Water Rescue, Elevator Rescue and Building Collapse Rescue.

Besides the minimal requirements listed above, all Officers are required to obtain and maintain the following certifications: Incident Management Level 1 (I-200), and Fire Officer 1, in addition some staff officers have attained Incident Management Level 3 ( I-400), Fire Officer 2, and various Incident Management classes including Resource Unit Leader, Safety Officer, and NIMS-700 and 800.

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Last Updated: April 26, 2013