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Tower Ladder 1

Tower 1 is a 1995 Pierce Lance with a two stage 1500 gallon per minute pump and 100 foot steel ladder with platform. The job of the ladder, sometimes called a truck company, is to find the fire, search for victims and vent toxic smoke from the structure during the fire. After the fire has been extinguished the truck company will overhaul the structure in order ensure that there is no hidden fire or chance for rekindle. Tower 1 carries special tools to do this including pike poles also called “hooks,” to pull walls and ceilings, saws and fans for ventilation. Aside from the 100’ aerial ladder the truck also carries many portable extension ladders. The ladder company is also responsible for forcible entry and carries halligan bar and axes along with a specialized tool called a hydra-ram used to force open doors. Space is always kept open in front of the building at the fire scene for the ladder to gain the best access to the structure. This also allows for the use of the tower’s master stream which is capable of supplying over 2000 gallons per minute for large scale fires.

Berkeley Heights Fire Department: Tower 1

Last Updated: January 17, 2012